Did you know Medicare only pays 80% of your medical bills, and you are responsible for the other 20%? There are two ways to fill this 20% hole in your Medicare plan.  We can help you choose between the two options: Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement.

Life Insurance

Many of our customers have a Final Expense whole life insurance policy, so they don’t leave a burden on loved ones.  The average funeral in Kentucky and Indiana is $10,000 – $15,000, and approximately $3,000 – $5,000 for cremation.  You can typically get $10,000 of coverage for $50-$60/month depending on age, health, etc.  We also do term life insurance for those wanting larger amounts of coverage over $100,000.

Hospital Indemnity 

This works well with Medicare Advantage plans and is an additional insurance policy to pay your hospital co-pays if you are admitted overnight.  It also helps cover the observation fee if you are kept overnight after an outpatient surgery.  If you are admitted overnight, you will have a $275-$350 per night co-pay for up to 5-7 nights depending on your plan.  If you want to avoid these expenses then you can purchase a Hospital Indemnity plan, as-long-as you qualify.  Monthly premiums are often under $30/month.

Long term care

We are offering an exciting way to help you “Protect the Farm” by covering the rising costs of Long-Term Care.  An IUL (Indexed Universal Life) policy can be used to pay Long-Term Care costs, it has a death benefit, and is a savings account with an average return of 9.5%.  Plus, your premium payments are yours to take out later for any reason, tax free!  Also, you don’t lose any principal premium payments if the market goes down…you only benefit from market gains.  As you may know your supplemental health coverage does not protect you against nursing home and long-term care costs which can be $5,000 – $10,000+ per month…putting your assets at risk.

Dental and Vision

We offer Dental and Vision plans for both individuals and families.  We offer multiple Insurance carriers to best meet your needs.